IBC Gengenbach Crash Course on Risk Management April 12. - 14. 2018

Welcome to this "Crash Course on Risk Management" on April 12 - 14 for IBC at Campus Gengenbach.

I will give you
   (a) information and
   (b) some material
for this course.

The following images give an outline on the course.
We will have some material (quite a bit) prepared by me. This will be the base studies.
We will also have some material (also quite a bit) prepared by you. This will be the case studies.

I plan to have you document this course with a small webpage (google sites is handy as long as we are not dealing with private and confidential information). Public access to the google webpage can be controlled. So I need two "webpage gurus" from you to do this parallel to the course. The gurus will be on duty every day and night during the course.

Please visit this site again for more information / more documents coming up next.

Seeing you soon in Gengenbach.

pm / Dr. Peter Meier

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