adidas 2019 annual report

Pls. download adidas 2019 annual report from their webpages.
We will refer to some case studies on their activities in Governance, Compliance & Risk Management.

Pls. note, that the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is initiating quite some special activities with adidas in Q1, Q2 2020.


visualizing numbers (values & risks)

We / Steinbeis Transfer Center Risk Management are developing an analog visualization device for "numbers". Basically, it is a physical card board displaying some coordinate systems for values and risks. Values and risks are represented by pawns (in German: "Pöpel").


Welcome to the ibc Crash Course on Risk Management

* registered students !
* interested students !

On this primitive platform, I will inform you about this "Crash Course on Risk Management."
(This information on this platform is public as it does not contain personal data.)

We may - depending on the future needs to go digital - move to another platform later.

I plan - so far - for a live analog event in Gengenbach. However, I will alternatively be ready for a (more or less live) digital event as well.

I have been doing this Crash Course since 2007. I did learn a lot from hundreds of students mostly from abroad. I did / I do this Crash Course at different locations in Switzerland, in France an in Germany. It is a mix between some formal presentations of mine teaching and provoking you and some "case studies" from you to provoke me and your colleagues.

The core subject is risk, but it is not just about financial risk. Some years ago, we had a student's Case Study presentation on "Risk threatening a marriage". I am not going to repeat this particular subject any more. The students gave me a hard time. I run into difficulties moderating the excitement!

This years Case Studies will address issues from the management within Adidas AG as well as other subjects. We will (no: you will) compare "spreading of "analogue" and "digital" viruses from a mathematical perspective - probably with basic Excel commands. You will understand the concept of value@risk. You will see, how a movie director presents an issue on "risk" starring Demi Moore (She could still be a risk for me!).

There will be some more information coming up soon.


Peter Meier

email: peter.meier(@)hs-offenburg.de



Crash Course Risk Management / Management of uncertain Values

<Uncertainty of Future Development> is a real phenomenon. There is empirical evidence, that the future development is to some varying degree not certain.

Uncertainty becomes a relevant issue, if it is associated with <value>.

<Risk> is a concept to understand this uncertainty of the future development and to develop models to manage future values. The models are based on logical and mathematical laws and operations. Thus risk can well be an object of research according to a „scientific method“. Such a method is based upon a discourse of practice (evidence) and theory (model).

<Risk> is - according to one out of many more or less compatible definitions - a <value position> characterized by uncertainty. Value can be of any category and is not limited to financial value only.

<Risk Management> is a management concept to „manage“ risk. Risk Management usually is employing some concept. These concepts may vary from a primitive „We take risk into account.“ to a sophisticated „We develop future value for the organization and its stakeholders by steering / controlling the development in terms of relevant risks and opportunities.“ Such Risk Management System can be labelled according to varying <levels of maturity>.

This 3-day crash course on risk management will not explicitely cover scientific approaches. However, there will be emphasis on the concepts of <value> and on <value management> necessary to understand <risk> and <risk management> as their integral parts. There will be references to real risk management cases in real business. These cases will cover both, large business with world wide activities as well as small business with local / regional activities.


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